Orchestra Rondinella’s activity is connected to the performance of Martino Tales.

Every concert is performed in musical theatrical style where players, musicians, actors, narrators, children choirs and little players entusiastically perform wonderful Martino tales.

Here some programs performed by Orchestra Rondinella:

Martino and..., series of musical tales, where each tale is proposed with the partecipation of a narrator, players and actors

A Musica Journey with Animals, musical tale talking about breastfeeding

A Train full of Sounds, to the discovering of music and his fantastic side

Martino and Grampa’s Trunk, Martino finds inside the trunk strange musical instruments...

Tubbi Tubastro, musical tale for the discovering of brass instruments

Magic Sounds, music and magic with Magico Paky, magician.

Gran Tim Tam, musical tale for the discovering of percussion instruments

Math(e)music!, music and mathematic

The Journey of Orazio, musical tale

The story of a miracle, story of Mozart as a very talented child narrated by a child, while the Orchestra Rondinella plays Mozart music

Playing with a bow, musical tale for the discovering of string instruments

Following the Polar Star, musical tale

Artistic Director: NICOLA GOMIRATO

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